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History Of The Wonka Bars Cannabis Strain

The Wonka Bars Strain was created by a seed company known as Mr. natural. The first hybrid was a cross between the famed Cinderella 99 and the Thai-descended chocolate trip.

The Wonka Bars Strain is now a creation of a cross breed of GMO Cookies and Chocolate Chip, a creation of exotic genetics.

Medical Benefits Of The Wonka Bars Weed Strain

As a result of its Indica-Sativa genetic balance, the Wonka Bars Strain is capable of treating ailments such as depression, stress, and chronic anxiety. Due to its ability to boost its consumers mood, making provision for additional energy and motivation, the Wonka Bars Strain has proven helpful in treating the conditions mentioned above. It can also efficiently lift the user out of loops of negative thoughts, and depressed emotional states, providing intense relief from anxiety, depression, and stress irrespective of the cause.

Additionally, Wonka Bars Strain is effective in getting rid of minor aches and body pains. Although this strain is not considered effective for those with chronic body pains, it is definitely good for providing relief to minor physical ailments such as muscle pains and headaches.

Finally, this strain can make the consumer feel less nauseous for those who are undergoing treatments for life-threatening illnesses such as chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

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Side Effects Of The Wonka Bars Strain

Despite the immense benefits of the Wonka Bars Strain, it also has some side effects.

Some of these side effects include dry mouth, heightened sensory perception, and low blood pressure. The consumer may also begin to feel thirsty throughout the day. This can however be combated by drinking enough water and staying hydrated, and also avoiding consuming the strain in large amounts at once.

How To Grow The Wonka Bars Strain

There are absolutely no specific instructions for growing the Wonka Bars Strain. It is however advisable that you have a certain degree of expertise growing cannabis before trying this strain. Wonka Bars Strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors. Acquiring the seeds or clones of this strain can be difficult, however, the strain has high yields.

The Wonka Bars Strain is a bit difficult to grow because it needs highly regulated environments and extra care. The flowering period for this strain is about 60-70 days and the plants can grow up to a medium height with their leaves stretching wide.

It can also be grown in a greenhouse in as much as the proper plant care and attention is given.

Final Thoughts on Wonka Bars Weed Strain

Packed with wonderful, flavored, and beneficial terpenes, the Wonka Bars Strain is now popular among consumers of weed.

It weighs high in  THC with a percentage that averages about 25.5% making it suitable for mood positivity.

This strain however does not play around when it comes to potency and is mostly advisable for expert weed consumers. Newbies and novices should approach this strain with care even though it’s not all heavy knock-outs and hits.

Thankfully, its Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie parent accentuates its nice flavor providing a delectable taste that fits the high. The Wonka Bars Strain also provides a body and mental energizing effect.

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